Alma Pacheco, LMFT

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Alma Pacheco, LMFT has over a decade in the mental health field. She has worked with clients across all age ranges. She specializes in working with chronic and complex stress and trauma.

She works the best with parents, couples, and children from age 0-18. She is certified in infant massage, parenting, 0 to 5 assessment, Gottman couples therapy, and so much more. She can help with attachment and bonding, working through traumatic stress, and work with your child through any behavioral or emotional struggles they might have.

If you want to work with Alma Pacheco, you can call our office at 714-587-4543 and ask to be booked with Alma or fill out the form below to work with him.

A note from Kristin Martinez: I have worked with Alma since 2012. She has worked some of the most severe cases of childhood trauma, and is an expert in parenting and couples. Her expertise with little ones is extensive. She does play. She does art. She does music, and she even does DANCE! She is an impressive therapist- if you are looking for help with parenting, reunification, attachment, or any needs for your child- she is a GO TO!

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