About the PAX Mission

Specialized Sexual Abuse Therapy by Kristin Martinez

PAX Therapy and Family Services was founded by Kristin Martinez, LMFT.  Kristin specializes in working with chronic complex trauma and problems related to interpersonal trauma.  She is dedicated to providing survivors of sexual trauma the highest level of care.  In addition she specializes in the systems that often lead women and children to be vulnerable to these traumas including Narcissistic abuse, Borderline Personality Disorder, abuse, generational trauma and neglect.

Kristin founded PAX Therapy for two distinct purposes:


The first reason was to provide high quality mental health care to people, especially women, who have experienced chronic complex trauma including sexual abuse and assault.    She is dedicated to working with therapists who want to provide high level care to women and families who are struggling with the generational passage of trauma. By developing PAX, Kristin is working towards high competency mental health services aimed to eventually decrease sexual abuse on a population level.  By providing education, resources, and high quality mental health to treat the systemic family problems that lead to higher instances of sexual abuse- the hope is that enough change can be created to reduce the overall instances of childhood sexual abuse and sexual assault.


The second reason that PAX therapy was created was to provide a place of employment that values the dignity of each individual therapist.  It is rooted in Kristin’s strong Catholic spiritual foundations, and the belief that each person has innate value in the world, and unique talents and gifts.  Her mission is to provide a place of employment that honors her employees and their families from #wombtothetomb.  She pushes policies and work culture that promotes stable family life, financial stability, boundary formation, in addition to mental and physical health.