Healing from Narcissistic or Borderline Abuse

Heal from the fear, obligation, guilt, and coercive control of Narcissism

Heal From The Abuse

Living with a narcissist or borderline who is not seeking treatment can be damaging and traumatic experience.  Often times, the narcissist maintains their “face” outside of the home.  In the home, emotional and physical abuse are an every day occurrence.

You may have experienced:

-A family member who got angry, irate, or extremely irritable when someone criticized or “judged” them.

-A family member who used fear, obligation, and guilt in order to control your behaviors.

-A family member who saw you as an extension of themselves.

-A family member that threatened to sue or go up the chain of command often.

-A family member who could not accept when they have done something wrong.

-A family member who never apologized.

The Truth Is…

Being in a home where you are afraid for your own safety can lead to even more trauma.  It can lead us to seek the love we have been lacking.  

Living someone who is a narcissist is abusive and damaging, and because of that experience-

You may have also experienced:

-Sexual Abuse

-Sexual Assault or rape

-Substance abuse


-An emotionally and/or physically abusive partner

-Depression and/or Anxiety

-Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

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