Couples and Marriage Counseling

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Healing What Feels Broken

When you entered into your relationship or marriage, you put everything on the line.  You decided that you wanted to lay your emotions bare on the table.  You said YES to the belief that this could and would be your happy ending.

When relationships and marriages don’t play out how we hope, we are often left confused.  This person WAS the love of our life, but now what?  Some easily move on, end the hard work and love that went into creating the partnership.  MOST partners want to fix it.  MOST want to fix it even if there’s been cheating, even if someone has walked out, EVEN if one person seems like they are on the way out.

Couples and Marriage Therapy

There are a lot of mixed opinions and feelings about how effective therapy or counseling is. In fact, many are convinced that it won’t do anything.

The truth is that seeking the RIGHT therapist is actually what can make or break your relationship. Does this therapist have any additional training beyond their schooling? Have they worked with a lot of couples? Do couples get better when seeing this person?

When your marriage and relationship depend on someone else’s expertise it is fear-inducing. You may end up paying this person thousands of dollars, and spending hours of time in their office. BUT if they aren’t helpful- what is it worth?

Yes, you could end up paying thousands in therapy. AND the wrong therapist could end up not being effective.

The RIGHT Marriage Therapist

The right couples therapist can save you tens of thousands on a divorce that could have been avoided.  They can help heal your current relationship, and make it stronger and deeper than it has ever been despite the hurt and pain that you are feeling now!

HOW can couples therapy help?

More emotional connection?


Less arguing?


Stop affairs?


MORE Intimacy?


More SEX?


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