Therapy for Anxiety, Depression, Trauma and Relationships

Some therapists help you survive, but PAX helps you live… Therapists in Whittier, CA and Riverside, CA
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Therapy for Anxiety, Depression, Trauma and Relationships

Starting the search to find the right therapist can feel lonely.  You may feel lonely, misunderstood, or anxious talking about what is going on to the people around you.  In addition, how do you know that this therapy is going to work to help things get better?  There are questions about the cost, which therapist would be the most help, or what style therapy interventions will work?

The answers to a lot of questions can be difficult to find searching the internet.  The good thing is that at PAX, we can help you answer some of those questions about therapy.  We want to match you with the right therapist in our office that is going to be the best FOR you.  AND if we think there is someone better who works in a different office, we will help you to connect with the best therapist for you.

The Journey With the Right Therapist

After you reach out to connect with the right therapist, the real work begins. At first, it is about building that trust with the stranger with some letters after their name. You test them out, you share a little, and you hear their ideas about what is happening.

Next, the therapist begins taking you to deeper levels of awareness and understanding. Therapy starts to integrate interventions as the issues come to the surface and become more clear. This middle stage is where the magic of therapy happens. This is where you begin to wonder how you were living WITHOUT therapy. This is where your depression, anxiety, and trauma symptoms start to move and shift. Things become different, and you can tell.

Therapy at PAX

At PAX, we have 5 therapists in our practice that range in availability to make a meeting with us easy. We even have evenings, weekends, and evening weekend times available. Each of our therapists is passionate about what they do best. We all work with anxiety, depression, and relationship issues. Some of our therapists also have even more nuanced expertise in areas of trauma, personality issues, attachment, and the nervous system. Working with us isn’t just therapy- it’s learning to stop surviving, and start living your best life. Live the life that you were meant to live.

Therapy is an amazing investment in all of the possibilities of YOU. What are you waiting for?
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