Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (aka CBT)

At PAX we have therapists who specialize in doing Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). 

When you read the research for anxiety and depression, a lot of it points towards the effectiveness of CBT.  Maybe a doctor has mentioned it, maybe a colleague, or maybe you’ve read something that suggests that CBT or Cognitive Behavioral Therapy could be helpful for what you are going through.

What is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)?

CBT is an amazing form of therapy that really narrows in on how to change thoughts in order to successfully shift your feelings and eventually your behavior.  Often CBT is used in combination with other models, and sometimes it is used as a stand alone therapy.  It is extremely helpful for symptom reduction.  CBT Therapy is work intensive, and relies on journaling, worksheets, and out of therapy practice to help solidy the concepts that are being processed with in therapy.  The way it is applied and used depends on both the therapist that you work with, and the CBT perspective that they use.  At PAX, we have several therapists who specialize and use the CBT model of therapy.

We have Monica Jessey, LPCC and Kimberly Almanza, AMFT (under supervision of Kristin Martinez, LMFT) along with several others who use CBT or integrate the CBT methods into their practice. Meet them HERE.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) for Anxiety and Depression

The symptoms of Anxiety and Depression can feel overwhelming.  It starts with a thought and spirals into panic, or days in bed contemplating your own value.  The aim of CBT and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is to help shift your thought process in order to reduce those unwanted symptoms that accompany anxiety and depression.  If you have a thought, “I am bad” it can spiral downwards into worry and concern about if you are living the “right way”, if you make the people around you proud, etc.  If you can shift that thought into, “I can’t please everyone,” the feelings and thought process are forced to change and the spiral may be avoided altogether.  It’s an amazing strategy, that takes more work and is more complex than it sounds.  But that’s what therapists at PAX are here to do.  CBT therapy is extremely effective.

CBT can help. PAX can help.

Reach out to us and request a free consult or schedule an appointment.  Our therapists take Cigna, United Health, and Aetna.  You can also use out of network benefits if you have a PPO plan.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) for Sexual Abuse, Molestation, Sexual Assault

Healing from sexual trauma is not easy.  Finding a therapist you trust is hard. You aren’t really sure what to do.  CBT is helpful for people who are at a point in their journey that they are having noticeable repetitive thoughts about the self or the event.  Healing from sexual trauma is extremely complex, and often survivors need different things at different points in their recovery.  If you are first coming out with your sexual abuse, this may not be the right therapy for you.  CBT is extremely helpful for those who have processed their experience, understand the roots of the experience, who have worked through attachment struggles, etc.  Once you have done the groundwork therapy for the trauma, CBT can help you start to shift the thoughts that occur as a result of the trauma.

Reach out to see if CBT would work for you, or if another therapist can help set some of the foundations of your healing.


CBT for Teens

You or your teen think therapy or counseling would be a good idea.  They feel anxious, depressed, or unliked by others.  But trusting your child to a stranger- is rough.  You want to know that your child’s therapist is working with you rather than against you.  Similarly, you want a therapist who will work with you and your child through difficult topics and facilitate a relationship where both have a voice.

If you are seeking a therapist who does CBT- reach out to us for a consult.  One of our CBT Therapists is also running a group for Teens at 5pm on Thursdays- let us know if you are interested in this process and skills group!

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