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Experiences of Trauma and Abuse

Everyone experiences stressful events differently.  Some fight, some flight, some freeze.  Some utilize resiliency strategies that others don’t have access to.  Kinds of trauma are varying- huge events, abusive relationships, violence, emotional abuse, parental mental illness, separation, death, racism, systemic oppression, bullying, etc. 

These experiences can result in varying experiences that effect our relational patterns, behaviors, and even the way our bodies move.  

We can have symptoms of insomnia, irritable bowel syndrome, hypersomnia (sleeping too much), isolation, feelings of anger, feelings of worthlessness, a constant feeling that something bad is going to happen.  We become hypervigilant and adapt super power hearing and internal systems that alarm us to dangerous places and people.

The good news is- you BODY is working.  The bad news is that it has generalized trauma responses into situations where there is no present danger or need for the nervous system to be activated.

Trauma Informed Therapy

Having a difficult childhood, and having difficult experiences as a child creates huge obstacles for us as adults.  You may feel like you aren’t good enough, not worthy of that raise, not worthy of good relationships.  Maybe you wonder why your friends don’t care or treat you worse than you’d like them to.

At PAX, our therapists are trauma informed in many aspects of complex trauma which includes the varying and wide spread manifestations of trauma and PTSD symptoms, attachment styles, and body based and somatic treatments of trauma in order to treat both the body and the mind. 

Our Approach to Healing Trauma and Abuse

The owner of PAX, Kristin Martinez, is an expert in the field of trauma and personalities that are created out of lived or generational traumas.  Her approach, and the approach to treating trauma at PAX is to first understand the reactions of the body, bring awareness to the body, and then integrate the mind and body together.  From there, the healing through talk and experience can take place in a more profound way.

Our practice looks at healing trauma formed in early attachment, generational trauma, cultural trauma, and complex and chronic trauma that results from repeated abuse and long term stressors.

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