Counseling for Dads and their Sons in Riverside, CA

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Counseling for Dads and Sons

At PAX we want to have dads AND their kids to feel the freedom of a healed relationship.

Healing from the wounds of the past is hard on both sides of this.  It can be hard to face the past, decisions made, and to feel like we have the language to be able to repair a relationship.  It is possible.  Sometimes, having some extra help from a counselor can help you come up with what you want to say while facing some of the hard truths of your relationship with your child or with your own father.  Becoming the best dad possible- means healing from our relationships with our own fathers.  You can change the entire future for your family.  That’s why we’re here to help.

Counseling for dads…

Counseling for dads is focused on a few major areas- healing from what caused the initial hurt to the father child relationship on a personal level.  We have to get through the pain and the hurt of our own issues before we can repair the damage in our relationships.

Next, we focus on working through relational issues, communication problems, and creating language and stories that can be used to work towards repairing a relationship with a child.  Whether your child is still a child, or if they are an adult- your relationship can get better.  It can change.

Tim Mclaurin, ACSW is our go to therapist for all things father-child related.  He is located in our Riverside, CA office and can see you in person or virtually.

Counseling for sons…

Growing up as a male in our society has a lot of pitfalls, and men need support.  A healthy father- son relationship can help develop the foundations of a healthy relationship and future family.  Unfortunately, not all of us grow up with a dad who knows how or can even be supportive.  The impact of that is HUGE.  It causes us grief, trauma, and leaves us unsure of how to navigate our relationships.  Everything turns into a guessing game, and hoping you are getting it right for yourself and for your own kids.

Tim, at PAX, is dedicated to helping to heal the father son relationships that are struggling.  He works individually to help you process, heal, create your identity, and can help you navigate the relationship with your father.

It can get better. You can heal.  You deserve support.  Reach out to us and ask for Tim.


Counseling for kids and dads…


Counseling for dads

Is your child still young?  Do you want to work to repair your relationship while your child is a child, but you aren’t sure how?  Tim and Brian at our Riverside location specialize in working with dads and kids.    They can help re-establish relationships, create language, and help you learn how to interact with your child in a way that works for both YOU and them.

This is helpful if you don’t live in the same home as your child, or if you do live in the same home but feel like you may as well live in 2 separate homes.  Repairing a relationship has less to do with physical distance- and a lot more to do with taking the first steps to figuring out what’s wrong and how to fix it. Counseling for dads can help you feel and be a part of your kids lives- and it is a lot easier to accomplish while your kids are still young.


Coaching for dads…

Tim Mclaurin, ACSW specializes in helping dads find the words, the scenarios, and tell the stories to help re-ignite a relationship with your child.  Even if you haven’t been there, even if you think they are angry with you, even though you don’t know how to make it better.  Tim can help.

Tim focuses on asking the right questions, and help you to find the language to be able to express your true thoughts, feelings, and experiences.  He can help you point out where your language or statements may cause more hurt, and help you to develop a healthy way to share your feelings and thoughts that can repair rather than damage a relationship.

Repairing a father son relationship takes time, and hard work.  It isn’t a magical pill, and you have to be willing to work with the pace of your child.

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Meet Our Therapists

Black Therapist, Christian therapist, African- American Therapist

Tim Mclaurin, ACSW

ACSW under the supervision of Alma Pacheco, LMFT. Specializes in father and son relationships, Christian therapy. trauma, and high risk behavior.

Insurance accepted: Cigna, Aetna, and Out of Network PPO benefits.

Locations: Virtual and Riverside, CA

Fee: $120

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