Immigration Hardship Waiver Evaluation in California

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Immigration Hardship Waiver Evaluation

At PAX, our Immigration Hardship Waiver Evaluators are Certified.

Trusting an evaluator is an important piece of getting your Immigration Hardship Evaluation.  Our evaluators are certified in how to write your evaluations to be as effective as possible.  What does an evaluation entail? It includes a detailed interview, detailed report writing using our expertise, and communication as needed with your lawyer.

How does an Immigration Hardship Waiver Evaluation Help?

Immigration Hardship Waiver Evaluations are completed by experts in trauma and hardships.  Although you may be able to share and tell your story, having an expert be able to interpret and give their expert opinion adds validity to your experience in the eyes of the government.  Having a professional complete a hardship waiver evaluation can help improve your chances for a smooth application process.

What is our fee for an Immigration Hardship Evaluation?

 PAX Therapy and Family Services charges a fee that includes everything needed for the evaluation.  Our fee is $1200.00 which includes up to 4 hours of face to face evaluation, detailed report writing, communication with your lawyer if necessary.  If at any point we are called to court to testify, we have a separate fee; however, this is rare and usually your lawyer will know if this is a real possibility.

Does PAX offer a payment plan for Immigration Hardship Waiver Evaluations?

YES!  We can breakdown payment of the fees into 3 monthly payments of $400.00. Or 2 monthly payments of $600.00.  We will not send your evaluation until the fee is paid in full. We encourage clients to pay the fee as soon as possible.

What payment options do we accept?

We only accept payment by debit or credit card.  We accept all credit and debit cards.


Are you a lawyer or paralegal looking to connect with our practice?

You can reach out to us by email at info@paxtherapy.com.  You can send clients to our number at 714-587-4543 or via email at info@paxtherapy.com  We can set up a system with your legal practice to make things smooth for you clients, just ask!

Evaluación de Dificultades de Inmigración

Confiar en un evaluador es una parte importante para obtener su Evaluación de Dificultades de Inmigración. Nuestros evaluadores están certificados en cómo escribir sus evaluaciones para que sean lo más efectivas posible. ¿Qué implica una evaluación? Incluye una entrevista detallada, redacción de informes detallados utilizando nuestra experiencia y comunicación, según sea necesario, con su abogado.

Meet Our Therapists

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Alma Pacheco, LMFt

Alma Pacheco is an LMFT who specializes in assessment and treatment of trauma (both chronic and acute), as well as working with children of all ages.  Alma is fluent in Spanish, easy to talk to, and can help you get what you need.

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Kristin Martinez, LMFT

Kristin is the owner of PAX Therapy, and created the therapy practice rooted in Christin Values. She specializes in sexual abuse, molestation and other traumas. She also is committed to proving a safe space for people of all colors and backgrounds to feel safe, heard, and accepted.  Kristin has personal experience with hardship evaluations, as her husband went through the waiver process in 2017.

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