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DBT/ DBT Therapy

At PAX we understand what it feels like to be different.  When you deal with overwhelming emotions that feel out of control- you do things.  You do things that make you feel ashamed, guilt, different, or even broken.  You feel convinced that you are unloveable.  You may be convinced that the people who ARE in your life- won’t stay in your life.  DBT is something that can help you get the feelings back in control, and help you shift the way you see yourself, others, and the world around you.  DBT can literally change your life.

DBT Offers…

DBT offers a unique approach to helping shift how you experience the world, and how the world experiences you. The protocol can help you gain skills in how to modulate feelings. DBT can help you to navigate between the harsh boundaries of the logical mind and the loose boundaries of the emotional mind- coming into the middle and using what is referred to as the “wise mind”. DBT will help you build the skills to set boundaries with the people around you in an effective way. DBT offers support and non-judgement with a decent amount of calling you out when it needs to happen.

DBT helps you to stay alive… and to actually live a life you love.

All of our therapists are full trained and certified in DBT.

Who is DBT for?

DBT is commonly a recommendation for those who have what the mental health community refer to as “high risk behaviors” and emotional dysregulation. Some of the behaviors that commonly occur for people who benefit from DBT include self harming, history of hospitalization, suicidal ideation, history of drug use, history of risky sexual behavior, risky spending patterns, and having a pattern of damaging relationships. DBT is one of the most well studied and effective treatments for people who are commonly described as having Borderline Personality Disorder, but is highly effective for anyone who is dealing with high risk behaviors, and emotional overwhelm.

DBT for Teens

At PAX, we LOVE working with teens, and offer individual DBT in addition to DBT skills groups. PAX is currently creating the foundations of a comprehensive Teen DBT program. We run this program out of 9209 Colima Rd., Suite 4100, Whittier, CA 90605.

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