Parenting Classes in Whittier, CA

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Parenting Classes in Whittier, CA

Our parenting classes in Whittier are in-person classes run by licensed or associate mental health professionals who have experience working with court, DCFS, schools, and parents who just want some support.  We look at parenting through the eyes of a parent, and work to get something that actually works and helps take some stress off of you.  We’d love to help support you and your family to feel better at home… or at the grocery store (we know how it can be).

Parenting Classes for DCFS

Our parenting classes are 20 weeks long, and given by a mental health professional. Our parenting class facilitators can provide you and your social worker with a letter of enrollment, as well as a certificate with the amount of weeks completed. Our class is ongoing, and you can attend 1 class, 20 classes, or even more classes. We keep the same themes, but often change our activities. So, whatever you’ve been asked to complete- we can help you meet those needs.

Parenting Class Topics

Parenting week 1-5

Positive Parenting, Brain Development, Attachment, ACE’s and Dealing with your own history, Parenting and Culture

Parenting week 6-10

Trauma Informed parenting, Protective Factors, Building a Support network, Understanding your Risk Factors

Parenting week 11-15

Self and Relationship Care, Undertanding Underlying Needs, Meeting unmet needs, Action Planning, Getting your support team onboard.

Parenting week 16-20

Building a Secure Attachment, Descriptive Praise, Repair Attempts, Bids for attention/Turning towards, Apologizing and Accountability

It Can get better!


Parenting Class Cost and FAQ

$25 per parenting class (or add on class)
$350 for the entire 20 weeks of parenting classes
$225 for 12 weeks

If you need more than 20 classes, our classes often have different activities and material for each themed week.  We can help you meet any of the requirements for your parenting classes.  We can provide a letter for enrollment and a certificate of completion with number of classes completed.

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Registering for Parenting Class

By filling out the below form, you are confirming interest in our class. Registration will be completed when a member of our office staff calls to complete the registration process. You can choose from several class times, and also note if you are just looking for information.

If you are registering- you will receive a phone call from our administrative staff to complete the registration process.
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