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Christian Counseling

At PAX we understand what it feels like to be different.

When you are living in this world, but aren’t of this world you want to know your therapist has the same background as you.  Firstly, you want to be sure that you or your family will be treated by someone who understands Christian belief systems.  And Secondly, a christian therapist who won’t put you or your family’s soul in jeopardy.

Christian Counseling Offers…

Christian counseling offers a safe space to explore how your mental health and psychology influence and affect your spirituality.  It is a space to explore your beliefs, and to transform yourself to live in line with them.  Christian Counseling can also serve as a place to look at your patterns of behavior, understand where they come from, and to work towards a more fulfilling life in line with your Christian beliefs.  Counseling from a Christian perspective can help evaluate and understand why we logically know that God loves us, but how we continually experience confusion and disbelief of this love.

Therapy offers us a place to begin to love ourselves and to see ourselves as God sees us.  We can understand how to move our lives more in line with the life of Jesus.  In conclusion, Christian counseling helps us to be mentally healthy, closer to God, and most importantly have a sounding board that will hold us to our values.

We have two therapists who are available to help; Humberto Garcia, Jr, AMFT (Under the supervision of Kristin Martinez, LMFT), and Kristin Martinez, LMFT. 

Christian Counseling for Marriages

Everyone has heard people say that marriage therapy tends to end in divorce.  This often happens because couples are going to see a therapist who is not in line with their own goals for keeping a marriage in tact.  Often, this requires significant effort from both parties that are involved in the marriage.  It could be costly, and also involve individual therapy.  How do you know who to trust?  Will the goal of each partner will be taken seriously?  Can the therapist also believe and honors your beliefs? 

If you are seeking a therapist who integrates Christian values into marriage therapy sessions, reach out to us and request a free consult with Humberto Garcia, Jr.

Christian Counseling for Anxiety and Depression

Anxiety and Depression can leave you feeling like something is wrong in life. You want it to get better, but you aren’t sue how. You want meaning, purpose, and to live out your Christian identity. But HOW and where do you start?

Christian counselors can help you do exactly this. They can help you explore your past, help you uncover your passions, and guide you through creating your ideal life plan. If you are looking to alleviate your feelings of anxiety and depression, and want someone you feel comfortable to express your values with- PAX has therapists.

Reach out to us and request a free consult with Humberto Garcia, Jr. or Kristin Martinez.

Christian Counseling for Sexual Abuse, Molestation, Sexual Assault

Healing from sexual trauma is not easy.  Finding a therapist you trust is hard.  You want someone who understands your values, the difficulties that come into play when healing from sexual abuse, and who integrates Christian values and beliefs into the healing process.  You want to feel respected, valued, and not judged.  In addition, you want a therapist who is an expert at what they are doing- someone who actually knows how to move you to healing.  Maybe you want someone who has healed from the challenges of sexual trauma, and who can walk with you on your journey through blame, shame, guilt and anger.    

At PAX, our therapist Kristin Martinez has dedicated her career to gaining expertise in sexual trauma.  She has helped and guided hundreds of clients struggling to living more peaceful lives that they are happy living.  With a sexual abuse history, everything seems harder- parenting, work stress, relationships, everything.  Request a free consult with Kristin Martinez.

Christian Counseling for Teens

You or your teen think therapy or counseling would be a good idea.  They feel anxious, depressed, or unliked by others.  But trusting your child to a stranger- is rough.  You want to know that your child’s therapist is working with you rather than against you.  Similarly, you want a therapist who will work with you and your child through difficult topics and facilitate a relationship where both have a voice.  You and your teen both want to have someone who respects their Christian beliefs.

If you are seeking a therapist who does Christian counseling sessions with teens and families, reach out to us and request a free consult with Humberto Garcia, Jr or Kristin Martinez.

Christian Counseling for Men

Living life as a Christian male has some serious obstacles in today’s society.  The temptations to live a life contrary to your beliefs is strong.  You want to live life in a way that you feel confident is in line with Christian values.  Sometimes, we don’t do the best and have guilt, shame, and are unsure how to heal.  Having a therapist who gets it- can be transformative.  A Christian therapist can help you experience your feelings, express them, and live out your masculinity informed by the Christian lense.  Process and get rid of toxic masculinity.

If you are looking for a male therapist for Christian Counseling- request a free consult with Humberto Garcia, Jr.

Feminist Christian Counseling 

Yes, you can be a feminist and a Christian. It is a Christian ideal to believe that women deserve equality, fair wages, and equal share of domestic responsibilities while living out Christian values. You can be pro-life and be a feminist.

You want a therapist who gets feminism, and gets Christianity. Our feminist Christian counselor, Kristin Martinez, also works with women who are struggling with the effects of abortion. She provides a non-biased place to heal. In addition, she also works with women who are in pre-contemplative places in regards to abortion. She will never stop a woman from choosing an abortion, but will process and work with any woman in search of a truly non-biased place to process their decision. Kristin is dedicated to good therapy that values women, and understands the difficult situations that patriarchy has developed for women of all colors, creeds, and socio-economic statuses.

If you are looking for a Christian Feminist Counselor- request a free consult with Kristin Martinez.

Meet Our Therapists

Christian Counseling

Humberto Garcia, Jr

Humberto is one of our therapists at PAX. He specializes in working with finding meaning, and creating a life that is both in line with Christian Values and in line with your purpose in life. If you find yourself strugllling with anxity, depression, identity confusion, or struggle with a history of trauma-Humberto is an excellent option for a therapist.

Therapy for sexual abuse

Kristin Martinez, LMFT

Kristin is the owner of PAX Therapy, and created the therapy practice rooted in Christin Values. She specializes in sexual abuse, molestation and other traumas. She also is commited to proving a safe space for people of all colors and backgrounds to feel safe, heard, and accepted.

Black Therapist, Christian therapist, African- American Therapist

Timothy McLauren

Tim specializes in working with men, couples, and teens to be the best person they can be.  Tim has a unique perspective that helps to rebuild family relationships, and help Christian men to be the best they can be.  Tim is physically located in our Riverside location, and can also see clients via telehealth.

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