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How Our Therapists Can Help YOU


If you are feeling anxious or irritable… We can help.


If you have a history of sexual trauma… We can help with that.


If you have childhood trauma… We’ve got you covered.


Just want some help with feeling down and depressed… Our therapists can help.


Patterns in relationships keep showing up?  Therapists at PAX are ready to help any time!

We have worked with hundreds of clients to reach their goals.  Finding the right therapist can be difficult.  How do you know you can trust them?  At PAX, we get that.  Therefore, we have set up free 15 minute online consults for our clients.  If you are ready to book an appointment- you can.  However, if you want to meet your therapist via video or phone and hear how they can work with you- you can do that too.  Just click the Request Free Consult or Appointment anywhere on this page or throughout the website.


Benefits of Therapy

It’s like taking a deep breath of air after a large weight has been lifted.  Therapy and healing takes time, and the process can sometimes be painful.  However, the strides and changes you can make with a little guidance will keep you from ever looking back.  Finally, you will look to the future and see that everything you have wanted for your life is possible.

Each of our therapists have an individual approach.  After you contact us, our coordinator will help match you to the best therapist based on what you are looking for, and the difficulties you are trying to address.  She will send out our contact forms, and our therapist will contact you to help answer any additional questions you have about the process.

What do our therapists do?

PAX Therapy is a group of therapists who have a unique set of strengths and specialties. PAX therapists specialize in working with clients struggling with chronic complex trauma, depression, anxiety, and relational issues. We work with all age groups including 0-5 years old, children, pre-teens, teens, adults, and older adults. Check out some of the work we do below:

Online Therapy

Anxiety and Depression





Christian Counseling

Narcissistic Abuse

Men’s Issues

Kids Counseling

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