Christian Counseling Whittier CA

Christian Counseling Whittier CA

Timothy McLaurin at PAX Therapy and Family Services is a leading therapist specializing in Christian counseling in Whittier, CA. We help our residents overcome their challenges in life with our unsurpassed Christian counseling and therapy services.

What is Christian counseling?

Christian counseling combines biblical beliefs with the principles of psychology to improve your mental health and relationships. This faith-based approach uses scripture and biblical teachings to empower you with critical skills to tackle life’s challenges.

Individuals dealing with devastating life events such as the death of a loved one, losing a job, deteriorating health, or relationship troubles can find hope and solace in faith-based therapy. Our Whittier CA Christian counseling restores and strengthens your faith and helps you develop behaviors consistent with God’s teachings.

How can Christian counseling benefit you?

Christian counseling can be a guiding force and help individuals overcome addictions, heal from mental health and mood disorders, cope with grief or loss, and navigate through personal struggles, marital problems, and family issues. Here’s how Christian counseling can benefit you:

  • It can allow you to heal through faith and strengthen your affiliation to a higher authority.
  • Christian counseling can instill hope, the ability to forgive, and solidify your perseverance to fight harder to overcome your challenges.
  • Christian counseling can help you redefine your faith, provide you structure, and allow you to start fresh.

By applying biblical learnings in real-life situations, you can feel in control of your life, thoughts, and emotions. Timothy McLaurin offers highly effective inner-soul counseling and helps troubled individuals find their way to peace and happiness.

What can our Christian therapists and counselors in Whittier do for you?

Christian counselors approach counseling holistically and focus on healing the mind, body, through the same all-encompassing approach. The spiritual element becomes an integral part of a Christian counseling session, making it a valuable and highly beneficial way to address the challenges faced by those seeking therapy. Christian counselors in Whittier, CA, can help you via:

  • Recognition of a higher authority

Christian counselors recognize how God is a higher authority, and his teachings lay the foundation to lead a healthy, happy, and fulfilling life. Our Christian behavioral health counselors in Whittier, CA, use Jesus’ teachings to help those struggling with different challenges in life see that they are not alone and have a partner in God.

  • The healing that lasts for a lifetime

While regular counselors focus on addressing the spiritual and emotional wounds, Christian counselors bring their clients closer to God and fortify their relationship with the higher authority. A steady relationship with God fosters true inner healing, which yields a lifetime of benefits.

  • Instilling real hope

Christian faith instills the greatest hope, which is enjoying an eternal relationship with God. A relationship with God can help you overcome any pain, suffering, or challenge and allow you to live a fulfilling and positive life.

Contact 714-587-4543 to speak to one of us at PAX Therapy and Family Services. We offer Christian counseling in Whittier, CA, at affordable prices and have helped numerous teenagers and adults find their way to true happiness.

Christian Counseling Whittier CA

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