Depression Therapist Whittier Ca

Depression Therapist Whittier Ca

Humberto Garcia at PAX Therapy and Family Services is a top-rated depression therapist in Whittier, CA, with several years of experience and exceptional people skills. Humberto’s ability to connect with his clients makes him one of the most preferred psychologists in Whittier.

Do I need to seek therapy for depression?

If you feel depressed or fear that you may hurt yourself or attempt suicide, you must seek help from one of the Whittier therapists and psychologists at the earliest. Depression is a serious mental health disorder that can take a toll on your life if left untreated. Seeking depression treatment for teenagers in the early stages of the condition can prevent adverse emotional, behavioral, and health consequences.

Most people procrastinate therapy, thinking that their problem is not as pressing. However, even if you have very little reason to believe that you may have depression, it is critical to meet with one of the experienced psychologists in Whittier, California, at the earliest. Individuals who chose to leave depression unaddressed are at high risk for alcohol or drug abuse, anxiety, self-mutilation, relationship conflicts, and suicidal tendencies.

Importance of seeking help for depression

1 out of 10 Americans battles depression every year, making it a critical mental illness that requires clinical or professional attention. While you may think that you will feel better eventually, the truth is that your condition could be worsening without you realizing it.

Living with depression can take a heavy toll on you and those around you. It can affect your performance and participation in everyday activities and cause you to face relationships issues in the long run. Seeking depression treatment in Whittier, CA, is pivotal to improve your quality of life and safeguard your mental health in the long term.

How can therapy help me?

You do not have to deal with a crisis or a mental health issue to sign up for therapy. Anybody can meet with a psychologist to feel a sense of support or guidance or sign up for counseling for the several benefits that it offers, such as:

  1. Unveiling more about yourself – Therapists listen to your challenges and offer guidance or recommendations instead of instructing you what to do. Therapy sessions aim to help you discover your true authentic self.
  2. Helping you achieve your goals – If you feel lost or unmotivated, therapy can help you overcome your shortcomings and empower you to set realistic goals for yourself. A therapist can also help you prepare a list of actions to help you attain your goals.
  3. Promoting healthy relationships – Therapy can address the difficulties you face in your relationship with your family members, loved ones, friends, or colleagues. It can mend trust issues and allow you to maintain fulfilling relationships.

Get in touch with us at 714-587-4543 to schedule a consultation with Humberto Garcia, the preeminent depression therapist in Whittier, CA. PAX Therapy and Family Services is a leading therapy center for depression, anxiety, trauma, and relationship/marital counseling with friendly and experienced therapists.

Depression Therapist Whittier Ca

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