Therapist In Whittier Ca

Therapist In Whittier Ca

Are you searching for a therapist in Whittier, CA? PAX Therapy and Family Services is a highly sought-after therapy place with highly trained and experienced psychologists. Our therapists offer unsurpassed mental health services at affordable prices.

Top reasons to choose our licensed psychologists in Whittier for therapy

We have a team of skilled and experienced male and female therapists specializing in addressing and treating different issues and mental/behavioral health problems. Our psychologists and mental health experts offer specialized, individual, and expert therapy and help patients heal and attain their wellness goals faster than ever.

Some of the areas we are proficient in include childhood trauma, child behavior, depression, anxiety, personality disorders, and relationships. All our therapists are highly experienced and accept all major insurances and out-of-network PPO benefits. The cost of our therapy services ranges between $100 and $165, the lowest in town.

Do I need therapy with therapists and counselors near Whittier?

If a mental health issue or an emotional concern affects your daily life and performance at work, you should seek therapy. Therapy is a means to learn about your emotions, why you are experiencing them, and how to manage and cope with the more harmful ones. If you feel forced into therapy by your loved ones or employer, you may not reap many benefits from your time with a therapist or psychologist. You must commit to therapy wholeheartedly and approach it with an open mind for it to reach its true potential.

Our therapy sessions acts as a safe platform where you can talk about your life’s challenges with an expert who will provide valuable feedback about your situation. If you encounter difficulties at work or in your relationship or find yourself suffering from anxiety, PTSD, or depression, seeking help from one of our Whittier CA therapists can improve your quality of life substantially over time.

Benefits of group therapy

Group therapy involves several people meeting once or twice a week for 90 – 120 minutes and discuss common issues and share their individual journeys and challenges with other members. Here are some benefits of group therapy with one of the best counselors in Whittier, CA:

  1. Group therapy provides support – Meeting with other people dealing with similar issues as you will help you realize that you are not alone. Group therapies offer a sense of relief and support, motivating you to stay strong.
  2. Groups can help you move forward – Listening to others on how they overcame their fears, phobias, anxieties or relationship challenges can be encouraging and can help you move forward and handle your issues better.
  3. Groups help improve social skills – Group therapy not only takes away your sense of isolation but allows you to meet new people, socialize with them, build meaningful bonds, and become more sociable, positive, and balanced overall.

Call Pax Therapy and Family Services at 714-587-4543 to schedule a session with our therapist in Whittier, CA. We have helped hundreds of individuals overcome trauma, depression, anxiety, and personality issues with our unsurpassed individual and group therapy services.

Therapist In Whittier Ca

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