Couples Counseling Whittier Ca

Couples Counseling Whittier Ca

PAX Therapy and Family Services is a leading therapy center for couples counseling in Whittier, CA, with an experienced team of psychologists behind the wheel. Our therapists have helped numerous couples overcome their dark times and achieve true happiness and fulfillment.

Reasons why couples seek counseling

Most people see therapy as something for those dealing with a marital crisis or an irresolvable issue. However, you don’t have to be in an affair or on the brink of getting a divorce to seek counseling for couples in Whittier, CA. Here are some valid reasons for meeting with our best counselors in Whittier:

  • Premarital counseling
  • Communication problems
  • Lack of emotional support or physical connection
  • Intimacy issues
  • Infidelity/trust issues
  • One of the members in a marriage have a newfound sexual orientation
  • Family issues
  • Divorce/separation/ending a relationship

This is not an all-inclusive list. You can seek help from top-recommended therapists in Whittier, CA, for any matter/issue that prevents you and your spouse/partner from living your life to its fullest potential.

Our philosophy for couples counseling

As a leading center for counseling for married couples in Whittier, our sessions aim to bring out the best in you and your partner. We emphasize focusing on your relationship’s brighter aspects so that you can start thinking about it in a brighter light.

Our therapists help couples discover a sense of safety in one another and foster mutual understanding and empathy. Our goal is to nurture a gratifying and long-term connection between the partners by structuring effective communication and helping them rediscover the romance and fun in their relationship.

Ways couples therapy can help

Couples therapy is one of the essential tools to maintain a healthy, happy, and gratifying marriage. Here’s how our sessions can help your couple life:

  1. Improves communication skills

A psychologist can help you and your partner explore different communication styles and allow you to discover effective ways of conveying an opinion or idea without offending each other. Healthy conversations between couples are critical for positive advancements in a marriage.

  1. Become close again

Loss of attachment is one of the common reasons for couples to sign up for therapy. Some people assume or get a feeling that their marriage has hit a slump, which often causes them to seek love, fun, and excitement elsewhere. A competent therapist can help partners see the bigger picture, strengthen their bond, and spruce up their intimacy.

  1. Move past an affair

When dealing with infidelity, therapy can do wonders for your relationship. Even if you wish to continue staying together after an affair, things like mistrust, anger, and bitterness can make your married life miserable. Couples therapy can help you heal emotionally, allowing you to forgive and move ahead in life.

Contact Pax Therapy and Family services today at 714-587-4543 to schedule a session with the #1 therapist in Whittier. We offer couples counseling in Whittier, CA, at affordable prices and help people steer through turbulent times in their relationships.

Couples Counseling Whittier Ca

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