Marriage Counseling Whittier Ca

Marriage Counseling Whittier Ca

PAX Therapy and Family Services is a leading therapy center with an experienced team of psychologists. We offer marriage counseling in Whittier, CA, at affordable prices and help couples make the right decision for themselves and their families.

Benefits of marriage counseling

There are many things that can cause your marriage to fall into ruin. Thanks to couples therapy, you can receive professional help from skilled marriage therapists and save your relationship. Marriage counseling helps you gain a better understanding of yourself and your partner.

Therapy also improves patterns of communication between spouses and fosters positive changes within their relationship. More importantly, couples therapy can help partners accept each other’s shortcomings, enabling them to work together as a team.

Things to know about marriage counseling

Our counseling for married couples in Whittier cannot fix your marriage directly, but can guide you and equip you with the essential tips and tools to help you mend things and make your relationship work. You must be open to put in the necessary effort and follow your therapist’s suggestions to see improvements in your relationship.

You cannot attend 1 hour of therapy a week and expect your marriage to improve miraculously. You and your partner should commit to putting our suggestions and advices into practice outside of the sessions to make your marriage work. Furthermore, counseling for couples in Whittier, CA, can work only if both spouses want their marriage to continue.

When to consider marriage counseling?

While everybody expects a fairytale to unfold when they choose to get married, the truth is that the relationships take work. The problems arise when you get into a marriage without the right tools to manage the challenges and shortcomings. Here are several signs that warn the need for counseling:

  1. Lack of communication – Most relationship challenges arise because of challenges in communication between two people. The best counselors in Whittier can help you and your spouse overcomes the obstacles standing in the way of open communication.
  2. Fighting constantly – Do all your attempt to discuss something with your spouse end up upsetting or triggering them or making them feel ashamed, disregarded or insecure? A therapist can help you learn effective ways to communicate without hurting your partner, significantly improving your interactions
  3. When you are afraid to talk – Are there topics in your marriage that you want to talk about but are frightened to start the conversation? A therapist can moderate and facilitate open, healthy, and honest discussion/conversation between you and your partner.

Meeting with one of the top-recommended therapists in Whittier, CA, can help you learn better ways to connect with your partner and enable you to lead a fulfilling married life. Contact Pax Therapy and Family Services to learn more about our therapy sessions for trauma, depression, anxiety, and personality issues. Call 714-587-4543 to speak to our highly sought-after marriage counseling in Whittier, CA. We are one of the top therapy facilities with a compassionate, experienced, and friendly team of professionals and hundreds of success stories.

Marriage Counseling Whittier Ca

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