Trauma Therpaist Whittier ca

Trauma Therpaist Whittier ca

Timothy Mclaurin at PAX Therapy and Family Services is a leading trauma therapist in Whittier, CA, with hundreds of positive reviews. Our therapists create personalized wellness programs and help individuals dealing with trauma attain holistic wellness.

How can our trauma therapists help you?

Working with one of our Whittier CA therapists can help you discover your true authentic self. Here’s how our trauma therapists can help you:

  1. We help our clients handle the reality of their traumatic event, which will allow them to move forward in life and escape the grief, pain, and stress that they’re experiencing.
  2. Our therapists use specific treatment modalities and psychotherapies to alleviate your trauma-related symptoms.
  3. Our psychologists change the focus of the past event to the present and can boost your day-to-day functioning.
  4. One of our primary goals with trauma therapy is to help clients regain their “personal power” and allow them to overcome their addictions relating to trauma and stress.
  5. We equip you with skills to help you attain improved mental wellness and prevent traumatic memories from resurfacing in the future.

We determine feasible goals for our clients to help them attain those using trauma therapy. With some of the best counselors in Whittier, CA, we offer trauma therapy at budget-friendly prices.

What are the symptoms of trauma?

Each person reacts to trauma differently. However, traumatic evvents can take a toll on your mental and emotional health even if you don’t realize it. In case of experiencing any of the following symptoms, you must seek therapy from one of the licensed psychologists in Whittier:

  1. Feeling immersed in shock, denial, or disbelief all or most of the times
  2. Feeling confused all the time and facing difficulties in concentrating
  3. Experiencing a great deal of anger, irritability, and mood swings
  4. Finding yourself in a constant state of anxiety, fear, guilt, shame, or self-blame
  5. Feeling sad or hopeless or disconnected from others

Some of the physical symptoms include insomnia, nightmares, fatigue, aches and pains, and muscle tension. Seeking therapy from one of the therapists and counselors near Whittier can alleviate these issues and help you attain peace of mind and better emotional stability.

What does a trauma therapist do?

A trauma therapist uses cognitive behavioral therapy, psychodynamic psychotherapy, and counseling to help patients cope with their traumatic and painful memories. A therapist may use different scientific and holistic modalities to reduce the negative feelings associated with a traumatic memory and help alleviate your unpleasant symptoms.

A therapist may also teach you essential breathing exercises and coping tools to help you tackle triggers and stressful situations. Additionally, you will receive tips to follow in everyday situations, preventing the trauma from resurfacing in the future.

Call Pax Therapy and Family Services at 714-587-4543 to schedule a consultation with our trauma therapist in Whittier, CA. Timothy McLaurin uses a combination of Christian counseling, cognitive behavioral therapy, existential and humanistic therapies, and trauma-focused modalities to help his clients overcome their mental and behavioral health issues.

Trauma Therpaist Whittier ca

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