Anxiety Specialist Whittier Ca

Anxiety Specialist Whittier Ca

Humberto Garcia at PAX Therapy and Family Services is a leading anxiety specialist in Whittier, CA, with exceptional people skills. Humberto specializes in using therapy to help patients suffering from anxiety achieve improved mental, emotional, and spiritual wellness.

What to expect in therapy

A session with our anxiety experts in Whittier, CA, will last about an hour. Most therapists meet with their clients once a week. However, if you require intensive therapy, your therapist may require your presence more often.

During the session, both you and your therapist will contribute to the healing process. Therapy works like a collaboration, allowing you talk about your painful memories, frustrations, or mental health challenges, with the therapist helping you heal and recover from your trauma.

How to find the right therapist?

Searching for the right therapist is no easy task and can take several days or weeks before you find the one, but it is worth the effort. Here are a few tips to help you find the right professional:

  1. Experience matters – You want to find someone with several years of experience handling clients with issues similar to yours. Experienced therapists specializing in your specific problem are more reliable than the rest.
  2. Treatment orientations – Choose a psychologist who uses a blend of psychotherapies to address your mental health issues. Using a combination of evidence-based therapies with holistic treatments and counseling can help you garner the best treatment outcome and enable you to attain a speedy and comprehensive recovery.
  3. Check licensing – While credentials are not everything, you want to get the best value for the money you pay to see a licensed professional. Find a licensed Whittier, CA anxiety treatment specialistwho has a good standing with the state regulatory board. More importantly, find a counselor in Whittier, CA, with no complaints lodged against him/her.

Try to meet the counselor for anxiety in person and see if their personality meshes with yours. At times, you may have to let your gut feeling decide for you.

Our anxiety specialists in Whittier, CA

We have a team of compassionate and highly trained therapists who offer unsurpassed anxiety treatment in Whittier, California. Here is a little something about our therapists:

  1. Timothy Mclaurin – Timothy is a leading anxiety therapist who has helped numerous clients overcome trauma, PTSD, and other kinds of GAD. His exceptional people skills and unmatched listening abilities allow him to help clients overcome mood disorders and other mental health challenges. Timothy uses Christian counseling, cognitive behavioral therapy, existential and humanistic therapy, person-centered and trauma-focused therapies to help clients overcome anxiety.
  2. Humberto Garcia – Humberto is a registered therapist with a Master of Arts (MA) degree. His areas of specialization include marriage and family counseling, helping high-risk youth, and treating those battling chronic mental illnesses. Humberto enjoys hundreds of positive reviews from past clients and has helped several clients combat grief, trauma, depression, anxiety, and marital problems with his unexcelled counseling and psychological services.

Call 714-587-4543 to schedule a consultation with our anxiety specialist in Whittier, CA. PAX Therapy and Family Services is a leading therapy place with a skilled team of therapists. Our unique approach to addressing mental health issues and customized treatment plans make us the #1 therapy place in Whittier.

Anxiety Specialist Whittier Ca

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