Anxiety Therapist Whittier Ca

Anxiety Therapist Whittier Ca

If you or a loved one has been showing signs of anxiety disorder, the next best step is looking for a Whittier, CA, anxiety treatment specialist to provide care. Every patient is unique, so it is always good to consult with your doctor to determine the right course of action. However, if you notice that your anxiety has started to take away from your work or social life, it is more than likely to get the help you need.

The good news is that there are many treatment options available for someone dealing with any anxiety level. If you are unsure, these are some of the most common questions that we get here at PAX Therapy and Family Services for patients seeking potential help with anxiety disorders:

Q: Is anxiety normal to experience?

A: Anxiety experts in Whittier, CA, will tell you that yes, anxiety is something hard-wired into humans as a way to protect us from harm. Also known as the fight or flight response, the body will give us the energy to deal with a potentially dangerous situation. However, it is time to see a counselor for anxiety if you start to notice that you have significant distress or you see a decline in your ability to function in work or social situations.

Q: How common are anxiety disorders?

A: When seeing an anxiety therapist in Whittier, CA, you will learn that anxiety disorders impact millions of people within the United States alone. Not only is this a common issue for adults, but it also impacts children and adolescents.

Q: What are some common symptoms of anxiety?

A: There are several common symptoms that someone may have when dealing with anxiety, including those that are physical, psychological, and behavioral in nature. You will sometimes experience palpitations or a rapid heartbeat, difficulty swallowing, hot flashes, dizziness, shortness of breath, or pain or tightness in the chest for the physical symptoms. For psychological symptoms, your anxiety therapist in Whittier, CA, will go over signs like anger, irritability, impulsive actions, sadness, racing thoughts, or lack of concentration. There could be tensing muscles, rituals, avoidance, and more when it comes to behavioral signs.

Q: How long does anxiety treatment in Whittier, California take?
A: Once you find a counselor in Whittier, CA, to see for anxiety, it is normal to wonder how long treatment will take. This depends a great deal on how severe the anxiety disorder is, how well the patient can grasp the concepts, and how motivated they are to follow through with the different treatments. Those who tend to make the fastest progress with anxiety treatment go into it willing to take the necessary action by making treatment their number one priority.

Here at PAX Therapy and Family Services, we offer a broad range of care for our patients. If you are concerned about yourself or a loved one, we would love to help and address any questions you may have. Contact Pax Therapy and Family services for the best therapy for trauma, depression, anxiety, and personality issues by calling (714) 587-4543.

Anxiety Therapist Whittier Ca

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