Depression Therapist Los Angeles

Depression Therapist Los Angeles

Humberto Garcia, Jr. at PAX Therapy and Family Services is a leading depression therapist in Los Angeles with several years of experience and hundreds of positive reviews. Humberto specializes in helping individuals overcome anxiety and depression using talk therapy. Here are the top core benefits of seeing a depression therapist in LA:

1. Gives you a new perspective on problems

Depression affects every 1 out of 10 people in the United States and can stem from trauma, grief, losing a job or a loved one, anxiety, etc. Most people do not realize that they may have a depression condition, which prevents them from seeking the help they need. Therapy improve your mental health and alleviate the symptoms of depression considerably over time. Sometimes all it takes is for you to see things from a different perspective and spending time with one of the licensed Los Angeles therapists and psychologists can help you get there. A therapist can help you view things from a positive angle, enabling you to handle day-to-day challenges more fearless and efficiently.

2. Helps ease stress

Individuals dealing with depression handle a great deal of stress daily. Some depression patients try to overcome distress by resorting to alcohol, drugs, or gambling, which can develop into addiction over time. Seeking therapy from one of the top psychologists in LA, California, can equip you with essential skills to manage everyday stress and lead a fulfilling life over the years.

3. Improves quality of living

Depression is a life-altering mental health condition that can affect your performance at school or work, interfere with your interpersonal relationships, and deteriorate your overall health. Seeking depression treatment in Los Angeles, CA, is critical to prevent undesirable consequences in relationships and the professional arena in the early stages. Participating in therapy can boost your day-to-day functioning, help you sleep better, and enable you to handle personal and work-related responsibilities more efficiently.

4. Helps heal from the root cause of depression

Our therapists do not just focus on alleviating your symptoms but also on identifying and addressing our addiction’s causes. We do this via a combination of evidence-based therapies and counseling sessions. Addressing your mental health problems’ causes can prevent conditions like anxiety and depression from resurfacing in the future and help you attain comprehensive recovery.

5. Prevents depression from worsening

Seeking depression treatment for teenagers in the early stages of your illness can prevent the condition from worsening or developing into worse problems. Depression patients who do not receive therapy or seek professional are at a high risk of developing substance/alcohol abuse disorder. Furthermore, some patients with depression experience frequent suicidal thoughts and engage in self-harming behaviors. Therapy for depression can prevent the condition from worsening further and help you attain holistic recovery from your mental health ailment.

Call Pax Therapy and Family Services at 714-587-4543 to speak to Humberto, the #1 depression therapist in Los Angeles. We are a leading therapy center for individuals suffering from trauma, addiction, high-risk behaviors, marital problems, anxiety, and depression. Get in touch with us to improve your mental health and attain improved emotional wellness.

Depression Therapist Los Angeles

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