Psychologist Whittier Ca

Psychologist Whittier Ca

Timothy McLaurin is a preeminent psychologist in Whittier, CA, specializing in Christian therapy, trauma, high-risk behavior, and personality disorders. PAX Therapy and Family Services is one of the top therapy places with numerous positive reviews.

How to choose a psychologist?

Finding the right psychologist is crucial to get the best bang for your buck. Here are the core aspects of a competent and reliable professional:

  • Experience and credentials

You want to find someone with the right mix of experience and training. Make sure to look for a licensed therapist specializing in handling your specific type of mental/behavioral/marital issue.

  • Insurance

Speak to your insurer about your in-network psychologists. Our therapists and counselors near Whittier accept all major insurances and offer unsurpassed counseling at budget-friendly rates for those without coverage.

  • Personal attention and customized therapy

The last thing you seek is a generic talk therapy from a psychologist. Your goal should be to find one of the licensed psychologists in Whittier who offer personal attention and create customized healing/wellness plans for each of their clients.

As a top-rated therapy place, we have the best counselors in Whittier, CA. Our experts have reformed the lives of numerous individuals of all age groups by addressing the imbalances in their mind, body, and spirit via a personalized healing approach.

Ways everyone can benefit from therapy sessions

Everybody can use a little nudge, a pat on the shoulder, and an occasional motivation to keep them moving forward in their journey towards personal development and professional excellence. Therapy does exactly that and ensures that you are in the right state of mind as you strive to reach your life goals.

Therapy can help you rediscover yourself and allow you to stay positive and appreciative of your life and the world around you. More importantly, it creates accountability and offers a sense of direction, which can go a long way in helping you achieve success on the personal, professional, financial, and marital front.

Tips for making the most out of therapy

While the idea of meeting with one of the Whittier CA therapists can sound intimidating, making the best use of your time at therapy solely lies in your hand. Here are a few pointers on how to make the most out of your time in therapy sessions:

  • Choose carefully – Select a therapist with a thought-provoking personality and the right mix of skills, training, and experience. You are unlikely to take away anything from a session with someone you find dull and incoherent.
  • Don’t see therapy as a duty – See the time you spend with a therapist as a collaborative effort instead of viewing it as a chore or a job. It is pivotal that you enjoy the sessions enough to take them seriously.
  • Schedule your sessions at the right time – Squeezing your therapy session in between meetings or on a busy workday or after a long tiring day can be unyielding and a complete waste of time for you and your therapist. Choose a time of the week when you are likely to feel relaxed and free from worrying about upcoming engagements.

Contact Pax Therapy and Family Services at 714-587-4543 to learn more about our psychologist in Whittier, CA. Timothy uses a combination of Christian counseling, cognitive behavioral therapy, existential and humanistic therapies to help clients overcome their crisis and improve their lives considerably.

Psychologist Whittier Ca

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