Helen Medina, LCSW: Grief and Growth

Grief therapist: Helen Medina

Helen Medina, LCSW specializes in working with those who have experienced grief and loss, depression, anxiety, and trauma.  She has specialized training in emotional regulation, grief work, and trauma.  She has experience working in many different settings.

If you want to work with Helen, you can call our office at 714-587-4543 and ask to be booked with Helen or fill out the form below to work with her.

A note from Kristin Martinez:  Helen is an amazing therapist.  She utilizes therapeutic tools that help clients visualize and have something tangible to work on in and out of sessions.  Her demeanor is soft, empathic, and she is excellent at creating a safe space for healing.  We are so lucky to have Helen at our practice, and are so grateful for her knowledge in grief therapy.