Humberto Garcia, Jr

Christian Counseling

Humberto Garcia, Jr. is an AMFT under the supervision of Kristin Martinez, LMFT (90136).

Humberto specializes in working with adults from ages 18 to 35 on becoming themselves.  If you feel like you can’t quite figure out where you are going, why you are here, or understanding how the past is working with your future- Humberto can help.  Humberto helps work with boundaries, individuating, and becoming an independent person.  He works with finding meaning, purpose, and stopping the every day self loathing spiral that happens when you feel like you don’t have meaning or purpose.

Humberto also specializing in working with those who are affected by immigration, and their families.  Immigration can be traumatic even if it is a seamless and planned event; however, for many people- that just isn’t the case.  Humberto helps people to understand, build meaning, and integrate their stories and their families stories into their life narrative, meaning and purpose.

Humberto Garcia, Jr is also one of our Christian therapists who can integrate Christian ideals, values, and spirituality into the work that he does.  He works with people who do not identify as Christian as well.  He believes that good therapy is good therapy, and is non judgmental.

If you want to work with Humberto, you can call our office at 714-587-4543 and ask to be booked with Humberto or fill out the form below to work with him.

A note from Kristin Martinez:  I have worked with Humberto since 2018.  He is compassionate and empathic, and has a clear vision of exactly how he works to help people who want to feel like they have meaning, and purpose.  Humberto has a solid Christian faith background, and can integrate faith into sessions, or just be a place to feel comfort that your ideals and values won’t be criticized or judged.

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