Kimberly Almanza, AMFT: Maternal Mental Health

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Kimberly has several areas that she has experience, including children, behavioral change, parenting, and family work; however, Kim’s best work is done with maternal mental health.  Kim works with mothers of living or children that have been lost pre or post birth.  Her work with mothers helps them to process and create meaning and to move through their experiences.  Birth and loss are not easy, and Kim is available to help.

If you want to work with Kim, you can call our office at 714-587-4543 and ask to be booked with Kimberly or fill out the form below to work with him.

A note from Kristin Martinez:  Kim is an amazing therapist.  I have been supervising her over the last year, and am impressed by her attention to details, presentation, and her empathy.  Kim asks the right questions, and pays attention to the details that help propel her clients towards change.