Kristin Martinez: Therapy for High Achieving WOmen

Therapy for sexual abuse

Therapy and Coaching Combined

I work with high achievers and entrepreneurs who are highly effective.  If you have bursts of energy, get things done, enjoy the process and the success-  I may be able to help.  Success has the ups, and the downs.  As high achievers we work hard on the process to achieve, but struggle to savor the fruits of meeting goals, of success, of change making.  Using a combined approach of therapy and coaching can be extremely helpful.

When there is an obstacle, a change, or something didn’t go as planned- we are prone to self deprecate.  We start our negative thought spiral, and allow ourselves to become angry, irritable, and depressed until we pull ourselves back up and get back into the process.

That can be exhausting.

My method sets tangible goals that you are already working towards, and we meet the obstacles as they come at us.  We process, pivot, and create plans thus decreasing the amount of time and energy to get out of a negative spiral.

Can we process trauma using therapy and coaching?

I specialize in working with trauma, especially sexual abuse and assault experienced by women.  Often, women who have experienced sexual abuse end up on 2 extreme ends of the achievement spectrum.  Unfortunately, there are not many who work with women who appear to be highly successful and also have experienced trauma.  The way trauma manifests can be different for people, and it doesn’t mean that someone was not affected by trauma.  It means that the way their individual system responded was different.  Instead of depression, and difficulty achieving goals.  Many high achieving women with trauma histories experience non stop movement on goals and achievement.  We are in a constant race to outrun whatever is chasing us.  Our flight reflex has become our normal way of engaging in the world.  My approach to therapy and coaching is to help make this experience more functional and on demand. 

In addition, the work I do has a strong emphasis on boundaries as well as identity formation and repair.  High achievers are often stuck in someone else’s expectations, and are drowning in the vicious cycle of codependence. Self sacrifice when it isn’t chosen or consistent with our identity perpetuates the ideas and thoughts of not being a valuable and worthy person.  Becoming yourself, and setting up systems that support who you are and protect who you are is an important part of the work we do.

Working with Kristin

Working with Kristin is not for everyone. Kristin is working towards long term change that can help you completely shift the way you think and navigate the world and your relationships. Kristin uses over a decade of experience and study of philosophy, socratic thought, certifications, specializations, etc to inform every interaction that she has inside of a therapy room.  What you may see as head nod, or an interesting question, or even a possible light session has a purpose towards achieving a goal.  Sometimes, therapy feels like it doesn’t move fast enough.  Sometimes, it moves so fast you’re suddenly a new person.  Sometimes, you don’t think you’ve had any change- until suddenly you do something differently.


How much is a session?  Kristin’s hourly rate is $250.00

Does Kristin take insurance?  Although Kristin is paneled with insurances, she is currently not taking on clients from those panels.  Kristin’s work does not focus on alleviating symptoms of a diagnosis or functional impairments- and therefore is not reimbursable by insurance.  In addition, many of my clients prefer to have a confidential space that they can trust will not expose them in any unwanted ways.

Does Kristin have “in-person” sessions?  Kristin is a professional speaker and trainer and is often not in the office, and prefers to keep all sessions as telehealth to ensure that clients have consistency no matter where she is at.

What is Kristin’s fee?  Kristin’s fee is $250/ hour. She sees clients for 50 minute sessions.  She does not take un-scheduled calls unless for life or death emergency.  Her fee for all contacts are broken into 15 minute increments.

How do I work with Kristin? You can fill out the form below, email at kmartinez@paxtherapy.com or call 714-587-4543 and request to work with Kristin.

What if I can’t afford working with Kristin?  Kristin has several therapists who work under her who can also be of help whose fees range from 165 to 225 or who are able to accept insurance.


Work with Kristin