Therapy for Borderline Personality Disorder

At PAX, we do more than DBT. We help you LIVE life, not just survive it.
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Everyone wants to be loved…

Living with not knowing what to expect at home must have been hard. Fearing being left. Fearing that no one really loves you, no one understands you, or that you aren’t worth the love of other people.

It hurts when you feel like no one wants you enough to stay.

When you are always afraid of being left or abandoned, that you aren’t worthy, or that everyone will leave you…

Your relationships tend to be rocky.

You have frequent arguments with family, friends, and partners.
You feel like people always leave you.
You feel out of control when you get angry or sad.
You feel used by the people around you.
You want love and acceptance from our family.

Our Approach to Healing Borderline Personality Disorder

Therapists at PAX work with individuals and family members to first create a sense of safety and individuality.  We use a number of body based interventions to treat and heal attachment wounds that happened pre-birth or during early development.  We help families co-regulate and re-establish safety.  We help individuals shed themselves of a “personality” that is really a response to traumatic stress.

You may not even remember some of the experiences that led to your current feelings and fears of abandonment.  You may think or feel like you have no trauma history.  Many of us are often told that what we experienced wasn’t traumatic or that we should be able to deal with hurts all by ourselves.  Therapy helps to undo some of those beliefs, and heal the old wounds.  Sometimes, we are struggling with traumas that happened generations before us.  They have stored in the DNA and contributed to much of the life experiences and patterns you may have now.

What Makes PAX Therapy Different

Our therapists use a unique approach to healing borderline personality. We start with building rapport, trust, and safety within the therapeutic relationship- and if there is a close person in your life we want to bring them into the room to help the healing process during some sessions. Healing from this long term trauma response is often better done with family, partners, or life long friends. The therapist will then work with you to build an understanding of attachment style, co-regulation, and begin to help you understand your nervous system and its responses. Once you are able to understand how, when, and what triggers your responses- you can work with your therapist on interventions that are proven to regulate the nervous system. You can feel in control, calm, and loved.

Many who come to see us worry that they will be stuck in therapy for long periods of time. It is true that treatment in the beginning must be consistent, persistent, and repaired even when you think your therapist is the worst person on earth. Your healing is their only goal in the room. Repairs to the relationship are always possible, and you don’t have to fear that they will leave you.

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