Couples and Marriage Counseling

Therapy for couples who want to get closer, have more fun, and work through infidelity, trauma, and resentments

You might be struggling with…

Feeling distant

Not having fun with your partner


Not talking


Feeling like, “its not worth it”


Infidelity in the relationship

How Our Therapists Can Help…

Enjoy going out together

Looking forward to getting home

Start connecting during the day

More honesty in your communication

Better intimacy in your relationship

Get through infidelity as a couple

Leave resentments in the dust

Save your marriage and relationship!

From Feeling Alone to Connection

A lot of people, and maybe even you have felt the feeling of being alone in a room full of people. Unfortunately, sometimes that same feeling hits our relationships and marriages. “Living with a room mate” is a way it gets described. It’s painful. You look back at pictures from early on searching for an answer. What happened?

What Can You Do?

Saving a marriage or a relationship is not easy, and it requires advanced study of relationships, and the ways that can fix and strengthen them. A quality therapist who has experience, and additional training in marriages is what you want. It can help you start to feel like a team again.

At PAX, our marriage therapist works with couples who have lost their fire or suffered from infidelity to put out the fires and arguments, and to start feeling alive again so that they can live fulfilled lives and look forward to going home.

Are you ready to feel alive in your relationship again?

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