Meditation Experiences for Anxiety and Racing Thoughts

All day or 3 week intensive workshops to help you use meditation to alleviate racing thoughts more effectively
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Meditation to Help Anxiety and Racing Thoughts

Our intensives are full days from 9 am to 4 pm or 1x weekly for 3 weeks of 90 minute sessions.  The intensives focus on why meditation and mindfulness are helpful for anxiety, how the function of meditation improves anxiety, and working to help everyone meditate effectively.  The series focuses on the practice of meditation for people who experience anxiety, and gives time and space to process the obstacles to effective meditation.  

How Can Our Meditation Intensives help your anxiety and racing thoughts?

Racing thoughts caused by anxiety and trauma are more than just irritating, they get in the way of life, sleep, and enjoying time with our children and families.  Therapy has helped, but the thoughts still come around and you find yourself wanting skills to help.

Meditation and mindfulness seems to be what google suggests to you, and you have friends who are into yoga (or maybe you also are), but have never really gotten it to be effective to manage the racing and rapid thoughts.  It’s because- you might not be doing it right.

No app, youtube meditation, or deep breathing exercise is going to work unless you have the skills and understanding of why, how, and when to effectively use the skills.  It could be that your breathing is off (which can actually INCREASE racing and rapid thoughts), or that you are struggling maintaining attention.  Whatever the issue is- for skills to be effective you have to learn how to use them and then practice using the skills.

That is why our  meditation for anxiety and rapid intensives are a great adjunct to therapy.  They can help you really utilize the skills your therapist has been suggesting.  I mean- all of our therapists have recommended meditation and mindfulness at one time.  So, why not start learning how to effectively use the skills?

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Our Current Meditation for Anxiety Intensives Dates

Meditation for Anxiety Experiences FAQ

What is the cost?

The meditation experiences are $360 per participant whether it is the 3 week option or the full day option.  Pay is due upon sign up.

When are the intensives?

We have the intensives varying weeks during the calendar year.  Available dates can be found on our shopify site: HERE

Who runs the experiences?

Currently Alma Pacheco, LMFT who is a licensed therapist trained in somatic therapies, trauma informed yoga, and Reiki leads these experiences.

What age range for these intensives?

We currently accept individuals aged 16+.  All minors must be accompanied and attending with an adult who is also participating.

How do I sign up?

You can sign up by purchasing the experience on our shopify store: HERE

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