Teen Coping Skills Therapy Group

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You’ve Tried Everything and are Looking for Help

You are worried about your teen.  Are they depressed? Are they anxious?  Does it matter? You’ve tried rules, consequences, and you’ve tried rewards.  You’ve practically bribed them just to do your homework, and prayed that they don’t blow up in your face.  You’re tired and walking on eggshells is getting old, and their future is coming closer.

Our Teen Coping Skills Therapy Group is the Place For Your Teen!

We want to help teens who are irritable, angry, sensitive, or difficult be able to regulate their feelings by working to create coping skills, boundaries, and better communication so that they can be engaged with family, friends, and live the life they want to live!

We want teen depression and teen anxiety to be met with compassion, non-judgement, and expertise that can actually help teens feel better, and for parents to know that their teen has a bright future that isn’t controlled by depression, anxiety, or risky behaviors.

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