Group Therapy for Teens in Whittier, CA

In Person DBT Skills Group

Your teen may experience:

Irritability and Isolation from family

Worrying about what other people will think about them


Anger outbursts

Talking back

Refusing to follow house rules

Refusing to complete homework

Feeling that life isn’t worth it

Staying out late after school or when with friends


Bad choices in friendships and relationships

Teen Depression or Teen Anxiety

How our DBT SKills group can help:

Motivate your teen to complete assignments and homework for school.

Improve your teen’s grades.

Work with your teen to manage their feelings and reduce angry outbursts.

Work with your teen to pick better friends.

Help your teen to identify relationships and friendships that hurt them.

Work with your teen to use alternative coping skills (instead of eating, not eating, self harm, etc).

Help your house be calm, NO MORE STEPPING ON EGGSHELLS

Improve communication skills with your teen: less arguments!

Help your teen respect rules and expectations.

You’ve Tried Everything and are Looking for Help

You are worried about your teen. Are they depressed? Are they anxious? Does it matter? You’ve tried rules, consequences, and you’ve tried rewards. You’ve practically bribed them just to do your homework, and prayed that they don’t blow up in your face. You’re tired and walking on eggshells is getting old, and their future is coming closer.

What we want from therapy for you and your teen:

We want teens who are have difficulty with their feelings who are irritable, isolating, and difficult to learn better coping and communication skills so that they can be engaged with family, friends, and live the life they want to live!


It means less arguments, less irritability, more communication, less self-harming, and better boundaries.

How our therapists help teens

We offer a free consult to see if we may be a good fit for you and your teen which is followed by what we refer to as an Intake. At intake, a licensed therapist will complete a thorough history, gather information on symptoms, current functioning, etc. They will then develop professional recommendations and a treatment plan for your teen and family.

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Cost of group sessions: $35/group

Time of group?  We are starting our groups up in September and October after a break due to the pandemic.  Our group times vary, and our office staff can help with those questions.

Do you offer online groups?  As we transition back to the office- we are running in person groups, and if the demand calls for online groups- we may also open some online availability.  

Do we accept insurance?  We accept insurance for individual therapy, couples therapy, family therapy; however we do NOT accept insurance for groups.  There are several reasons that we are unable to bill our groups to insurance; however, we try to make it as affordable as possible.

How do you make an appointment?  You can fill out the interest form below, and a member of our office team will call to get you started.  OR you can call or text us at 714-587-4543 between 9am and 5pm.

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