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Therapy for Men (Men’s Issues)

When you grew up, you just did that.  You woke up each day and got through it.  You weren’t paying attention to the examples around you and how they influenced you.  Now, as an adult- you look back and honestly think, “What in the heck happened”?  You find that you feel depressed, anxious, and feel irritable and angry.  You want to be the best version of yourself, but things feel overwhelming.  You start to make changes, and then something interrupts the process- and you get stuck again.

Therapy by Men (Male Therapist)

There are a lot of mixed opinions and feelings about how effective therapy or counseling is.  In fact, many are convinced that it won’t do anything.

The truth is that seeking the RIGHT therapist is actually what can make the difference.  The research has come back, and the secret to therapy is to have a therapist that you can trust.  For men, in this environment- it can be hard.  Most therapists are women, and there are some things that you may not feel comfortable with talking about to a woman.  At PAX therapy, we understand that having a therapist that meshes with you matters.  We have two different male therapists who specialize in working with men’s issues.

Our therapists specialize in helping men find their meaning, purpose, and have better relationships.  They help men to feel less irritable, and respond with better communication.  Sports are great coping, but our therapists can help you widen your range of coping skills so that you can live the life that you want.  After all,  there aren’t Dodger games happening all day long…  Why wait to blow off the steam?  Get support from a professional!  A male therapist could be the beginning of a bright future.

How Can Therapy or Counseling Help?

The right male therapist can help in the following ways:

More emotional connection with partner?


Healthy relationship with kids?


Less irritability?


Better sleep?


Building confidence and meaning?


Advancement in your career?

It can even help with that!

So, what are you waiting for?

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