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Experiences of Victims of Crime

Everyone experiences stressful events differently.  Some fight, some flight, some freeze.  Some utilize resiliency strategies that others don’t have access to.  Kinds of trauma experienced by victims of crime are varying- huge events, abusive relationships, violence, emotional abuse, parental mental illness, separation, death, racism, systemic oppression, bullying, etc. 

These experiences can result in varying experiences that effect our relational patterns, behaviors, and even the way our bodies move and react to stress.  

We can have symptoms of insomnia, irritable bowel syndrome, hypersomnia (sleeping too much), isolation, feelings of anger, feelings of worthlessness, a constant feeling that something bad is going to happen.  We become hyper-vigilant and adapt super power hearing and internal systems that alarm us to dangerous places and people.

The good news is- you BODY is working.  The bad news is that trauma often causes us to respond to non-trauma with fear, anxiety, and isolation. 

Victims of Crime Therapists and Counselors

Being a victim of crime does not mean you can’t also be a survivor. Looking for a victims of crime therapist is the first step to beginning the healing process. Maybe things have settled or maybe things are not settling down as you expected them. You may feel like you aren’t good enough, not worthy, that you need to carry this on your own, be strong for you family, or that you aren’t worthy of good relationships. Being a victim and a survivor messes with us. That is exactly why finding a therapist who is trauma informed and works with victims of crime is so important.

At PAX, our therapists are trauma informed in many aspects of complex trauma which includes the varying and wide spread manifestations of trauma and PTSD symptoms, attachment styles, and body based and somatic treatments of trauma in order to treat both the body and the mind.

How to Contact a Victims of Crime Therapist

You can contact us via phone at 714-587-4543 or by filling out our contact form to send us an email. Our practice answers all emails within 24 hours via phone, text, or email. We want to make this as convenient as possible.

Your Victims of Crime Therapist will first see if you have an application number, and if not- will help you to apply for one. Once you have received your application number- you can begin therapy or counseling.

Starting therapy is easy at PAX, all we need is your VOC number, your email address, and your name- then we send all our documents via email. At PAX we have several options for seeing your therapist- either, in office or via video and online which is convenient and easy!

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