EMDR Therapy

Therapists who give an alternative way to heal.
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Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (aka EMDR Therapy)

At PAX we have therapists who specialize in doing EMDR therapy.  In our practice we have therapists who do EMDR during therapy. They can be a support to your current therapy and therapist- or you can entrust them to your entire therapeutic journey.  EMDR is an amazing therapy to help the healing process that especially helps when you feel your feelings as physical sensations in the body, or when you are having trauma responses.  It helps process traumatic memory associated with PTSD, Depression, Anxiety, etc.  Currently, Da Nie is our go to therapist for all things EMDR.  We encourage you to reach out to us and book a consult or a session with Da Nie!

What is EMDR Therapy?

EMDR is a style of therapy that uses bilateral stimulation.  That means that while you are processing information you are stimulating both sides of your brain simultaneously.  By doing this, you are able to promote positive feelings while processing difficult and traumatic information.  When you research EMDR you’ll see that it’s most known for helping people who have PTSD (Post traumatic stress disorder), but it is also helpful with anxiety, depression, chronic illness, and helps support you through blockages that you may be having during regular therapy.  

Da Nie, AMFT is currently under the supervision of Kristin Martinez, LMFT. You can meet them HERE.

EMDR for Anxiety and Depression

The symptoms of Anxiety and Depression can feel overwhelming. It starts with a thought and spirals into panic, or days in bed contemplating your own value. The aim of EMDR is to help shift your thought process in order to reduce those unwanted symptoms that accompany anxiety and depression. EMDR helps you process difficult information with out becoming triggered during the session. It helps therapists and clients get to the root cause of what is contributing to the Depression or Anxiety.

EMDR Can Help! PAX can help!

Reach out to us and request a free consult or schedule an appointment. Our therapists take Cigna, United Health, and Aetna. You can also use out of network benefits if you have a PPO plan.

EMDR for Sexual Abuse, Molestation, Sexual Assault

EMDR is extremely helpful for all types of trauma. Often processing sexual abuse, molestation, and/or sexual assault is some of the hardest and most complex to tackle in the therapy room. It generally takes time to be able to process because of complex protective defenses created by the mind to protect you from even the memories of the events. EMDR can help the process, and reduce the amount of defenses that are present when processing the trauma. It is NOT a magical solution. Therapy is still difficult work, and working through trauma needs special care and attention.

Reach out to see if EMDR would work for you, or if another therapist can help set some of the foundations of your healing.

Can it work for teens?

You or your teen think therapy or counseling would be a good idea. They feel anxious, depressed, or unliked by others. Sometimes, our teens are struggling with trauma that they don’t even yet realize is trauma. EMDR can help teens with a history of loss, separation, frequent moves, etc. It can help teens who are irritable, explosive, or have a history of high risk and self harm.

If you want to see if EMDR can work for your teen- you can always schedule a free consult with our EMDR therapist to see if it could be a match!

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