Heal in group therapy with people who have experienced emotional abuse…
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You’re an adult…

…but you are still bothered by everything that happened as a kid. You struggle to understand your parent, and the reasons behind their behaviors. They were so self focused, that they forgot about your needs. You had to figure life out for yourself.

Growing up, you were on a constant search for the soul connecting embrace that would make you feel truly loved.

It’s hard to connect with people because they don’t understand. When you see people with great relationships with their parent, you wish you could too. It’s hard to grieve the loss of a living parent… a living parent that never really parented you.

Therapy Group to Heal from Emotional Abuse…

Growing up with someone who has not been emotionally consistent, supportive, or available results in secondary traumas as a child, and in adult life. That includes sexual abuse, substance use/abuse, cutting, violence in relationships, neglect, etc. It can cause difficulties in career advancement, marriage satisfaction, and parenting.If you have had experiences with these things, and have experienced emotional abuse at the hands of a family member- this is a group that can definitely help you heal. Click the buttons to fill out an interest form.

The truth is…

Even though you feel like the awkward one at the party, and felt that no one could relate… The truth is that you aren’t alone. 13% of the population struggles with a personality disorder and even more struggle with mental health issues that result in emotional abuse.  You love your parent, but you definitely don’t want to turn into them. 

Our group is the place for you!

Our group is a place to focus on yourself instead of the needs of everyone around you.

We will explore discover and develop who you are, what makes you tick, and how to live it out.

The group will explore you shadow self, and reconnect to the core of who you are.

This group will work on BOUNDARIES, SAYING NO, and creating a circle of people who recognize your value.

Stop the emotional rollercoaster, the fear, and the dissatisfaction in your relationships.

SO, fill out our contact application, and we’ll call you to talk about our group!

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