From toxic partners, from toxic parents and family, from toxic friends, and bosses.
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You’re a successful adult who had a toxic relationship.

…and you are still bothered by everything that happened. If people knew what happened in your life when the front door closed, they might be shocked. To others you are independent, strong, and successful, and behind the closed door you feel worthless, diminished, disrespected, and to blame for everything. You know something wasn’t right in the relationship. You know it’s not normal for people to react that way, but you have no idea why you are so affected by it. It was a toxic relationship.

Toxic relationships can cause a trauma response.

It’s hard to connect with people because they don’t understand. When you see people with great relationships with their parent, their spouse, their friends, or loving where they work- you wish you could too. It’s possible, you just have to heal. Therapy can help you heal.

The truth is…

Having toxic relationships can cause feelings of mistrust, worthlessness, unworthiness, difficult sleeping, staying asleep, or sleeping to much, unwanted anxiety, rapid thoughts, and a general feeling of uneasiness. 

We are expected that we are able to handle whatever circumstances we are put into and come out of, and it can be hard to seek help when other people think you should just be over it.  It just doesn’t work like that.  Research shows us time and time again that having toxic stress causes life long mental and physical health impairments!  You’re probably doing a pretty good job at life, but dealing with the trauma of a toxic relationship is something you don’t have to live with.

Therapy Can Help You Get Over a Toxic Relationship

You don’t want the pressure of to not become your parent.  You are tired of carrying the resentment around.  Dealing with the emotional cut offs, the need to distance yourself, and the lack of safety in your relationship with your parent.  You want more for your own children and future family.  You don’t want to suffer alone anymore.


We are the place for you…

We want to help you talk through your experience, make sense of it, and recognize the patterns that could be red flags in future relationships.

SO, fill out our contact application, and we’ll call/text/email you about what we do!

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