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Making traditional therapy work for you on an ongoing basis can be a pain.  Whether you have to battle the never ending Los Angeles or Sacramento traffic, or frequently flying between San Diego and San Francisco- online counseling makes therapy accessible.

Or Maybe you live in San Luis Obispo County, the far reaches of Riverside County, Temecula, or Victorville and therapists are just not readily available?

Maybe you just like online counseling better?  Who wouldn’t love cuddling in their comfy spot with a warm coffee?

Online Therapy Could Be Right For You

You want high quality, specialized counseling services, but you also need therapy that fits with your lifestyle.  Our therapists understand.  Online counseling services at PAX Therapy may be the answer you’ve been looking for.  Our therapists are licensed, experts who specialize in various areas such as sexual abuse, anxiety and depression, healing from narcissistic and borderline abuse, Christian counseling, and children’s behavior.  

Working with us isn’t just therapy- it’s learning to stop surviving, and start living your best life.  Live the life that you were meant to live.  Through secure video chat, we offer high quality therapy with high quality therapists with the privacy of home with out the hassle of coming in to the office.

Ok, so online therapy sounds like it could work for you.  How do you choose a great counselor or therapist?  Well, check out some of ours —> HERE

Benefits of Online Counseling

Save Time.

Whether it is Los Angeles traffic you have to battle during rush hour, or being a parent with not enough time in the day. You can use our video platform from anywhere. Your downtown office during lunch, your cozy bedroom, or during your morning walk in San Francisco. Online therapy saves time with accessibility.

Increased Privacy.

Sometimes, going into an office is a little too public. You don’t want to be seen going into a therapists office. Maybe you are in the public’s eye working at the state capital in Sacramento. Perhaps you are an aspiring Navy Seal in San Diego. Or you just don’t want your nosy friends and family to see you walking into a therapy office. Whatever the reason, online therapy can help.

No Need For a Sitter.

Normally, if you work during the day- you need to find a sitter for the kids in the evening or the weekend. Online counseling means- you don’t have to have a sitter. You can see a therapist when it is convenient for you! After you drop the kids off in the car. At home in your bedroom with the kids locked out. So, whether you are near us in Whittier, or far from us in San Jose —> we’ve got you covered.

Finding the Right Specialist.

Not every place has someone that does what they need. If you are looking for a group for people who went through narcissistic abuse- you may not find one in person. Online, you can unite with others in their healing journey. Need someone who specializes in sexual trauma, but no one seems to fit with you in your area? Online therapy can help.

Online Counseling in California for Anxiety, Depression and Work Stress

The three big issues that people usually bring to their therapist are anxiety, depression, and work stress.  So, if you are struggling with one of these issues- don’t feel alone!  That is to say, finding a therapist to help with these issues is common and totally normal.  Even better is that we have online therapists ready to help with these exact struggles.

Feeling panic, anxiety, or having trouble sleeping?  We can help with that.

Feeling isolated, alone, or struggling to connect to things you used to like?  We’ve got online counselors ready to help.

Tired of work, feeling like you need a change, or want to explore your passions?  You guessed, we have someone who specializes in that.

In conclusion, if you are struggling with anxiety, depression, or work stress- click the Request Free Consult button and follow the prompts to set up a FREE 15 minute consult.

Online Therapy in California for Sexual Abuse and Trauma

When you have experienced trauma like sexual abuse, you want a therapist you can trust.  Sometimes, it’s a pain to go into the office of 10 different therapists to find the right one.  Online counseling makes it easy to find a specialist who you can trust.

At PAX Therapy, Kristin Martinez is a specialist who has spent her career dedicated to making the lives of victims and survivors better.  As a sexual abuse victim and survivor herself who has been through several phases of healing- she gets the nuances and hidden shame of sexual abuse and sexual traumas.  Kristin gets that sexual trauma also means there is family trauma and dynamics that may have set the stage for the abuse to happen.  You can check out our general trauma page for more information (www.paxtherapy.com/therapy-for-trauma/) or click Request Free Consult to set up a free 15 minute call with Kristin.

Online Therapy in California for Healing From Narcissistic Abuse

Living with a narcissist or borderline who is not seeking treatment can be damaging and traumatic experience.  Often times, the narcissist maintains their “face” outside of the home.  In the home, emotional and physical abuse are an everyday occurrence.  Healing is complex and involves the trauma of the actual narcissistic abuse, and the traumas that were a result of the abuse.

If you want more information or to know a little more about what we do- you can check out: https://paxtherapy.com/narcissistic-personality-disorder/

OR You can schedule a Free Consult with Kristin or Brian by clicking the button below.

Online Christian Counseling in California

Check out our specialized landing page at www.paxtherapy.com/christian-counseling/ to find out the ways a few of our therapists at PAX can support you.

At PAX Therapy, our therapists each come with a special set of skills.  That means we have a few awesome therapists who do specialized work around Christian and/or Catholic therapy.  Our Christian and Catholic therapists can help with: marriage counselinganxiety and depression, sexual abuse teensmen’s issues, and feminist christian counseling.

PAX Christian therapists are Humberto and Kristin- you can request a free consult online by clicking the link below!  If you are looking for a Catholic therapist, request a consult with Kristin.

Is Online Therapy Effective?

Online therapy is just as effective as in-person therapy.  In fact, many people find it more effective than traditional in-person therapy.  Often, in-person therapy relies heavily on relationship building- which happens naturally when body language is involved. Online therapy also depends on relationship building; however, oftentimes building relationships online requires the integration of different techniques and skills which are just as effective.

We have also included below some common questions that people have:

Do you accept insurance? We  accept all PPO or POS plans, and all Cigna plans.  PAX Therapists are waiting to accept Optum, United Healthcare and Kaiser in the coming months.

How much is online counseling? $165/session.

How can I make an appointment? Click our Request a Free Consult anywhere on this page.  You can meet your therapist, and have a 15 minute video or phone call to be sure your therapist is a good fit.  From there, you can schedule your session with the therapist.

How do I know my information is safe?  We use an online encrypted health system for all of our video sessions, and to hold client information.  Therapists can’t even see your payment info! We go above and behind to maintain confidentiality and keep our client’s information safe!

Begin Online Counseling in California With PAX Therapy and Family Services, inc

First, start with the free consult, just click Request Free Consult. When the page comes up and choose the location. Next, pick your therapist, and set up a time!  Lastly, they will get in touch via text or email to confirm the time, and send out documents and some questionnaires to prepare for the free 15 minute consult.

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Meet Our Therapists

Therapy for sexual abuse

Kristin Martinez, LMFT

Kristin is the owner of PAX Therapy and Family Services Group.  She is an expert in trauma-informed care and Borderline Personality Disorder. In therapy, she uses attachment, somatic, and cognitive theories to inform her practice.  She works best with individuals who have complex trauma, severe anxiety and personality disorders.

Female Therapist, Alma Pacheco, Therapist in Whittier, In Person Therapy, Child Therapy, Parenting

Alma Pacheco, LMFT

Alma specializes in working with individuals struggling in their relationships. She has a background and expertise in attachment. Alma also sees those struggling with anxiety, depression, trauma, and personality issues.

Christian Counseling

Humberto Garcia, Jr., AMFT

Humberto is under supervision of Kristin Martinez, LMFT (lic # 90136). Humberto is an amazing therapist who specializes in working with individuals trying to find meaning and purpose in life. He helps people uncover the road blocks to their success. Humberto also sees those struggling with anxiety, depression, and trauma.


Brian Rice, LMFT

Brian is another great therapist who has a few specialties including helping people transform unwanted behaviors! Brian also has experience working with high risk issues surrounding anxiety, depression, trauma, and personality issues.